Edited for topical because mods have alarms

It’s exactly how I feel. Boring, tired blob of something

I’ve been staring at a computer screen since 7:00 AM Thursday. It’s now 1:22 AM Thursday Friday? Right? Yeah Friday. Doesn’t look like I’ll be done for another few hours. Great way to start the weekend

Except I will probably be roped into meetings and shit tomorrow

Especially when they didn’t drop the “oh yeah, this is going to take a day or so. And by a day we mean a literal day, we expect 25 hours” until the pre-coordination meeting on


Wednesday? Pretty sure it was wed ness fucking day. The day I spent with my wife in the E.R. I’m afraid to close my eyes. I’d be a perfect candidate for a new Weeping Angels episode because I cannot fucking blink

Anyhow that’s my bitch session for the

whatever period of time this lives in

‘tha fuck out my post