The problem with plumbing projects is that they NEVER FUCKING END.

Anything except new construction is going to be made of a bunch of parts that aren’t leaking but have been in service for long enough that they’re wafer thin and brittle as fuck so that the you moment you touch them they collapse into a pile of dust and whatever the fuck that horrible shit is on the inside of pipes. Fresh water service isn’t too bad, but that’s never the part that gets messed up. It’s ALWAYS the wastewater side.

Tonight’s adventure started w/ the kitchen sink backing up. I thought it was maybe the trap or something in the disposer, but that’s all fine. It turns out that the problem is downstream of the cleanout. Everything will SEEM to run fine for a 90 sec or so, but that’s just how long it takes for all the wastewater pipes to fill completely.

Unfortunately, I discovered the true nature of the problem after Home Depot closed, so I can’t go get a snake tonight. Of course, I also have to buy several other pieces to replace the bits that turned to dust on me.

Could be worse I guess. I could be so useless as to have to pay someone to do this.