My wife recently purchased a new to us 2013 RR Evoque - not the part I hate to admit. One day she opened the pass rear door and at our next stop it wouldn’t open from the outside. It would however open from the inside.

Fast forward a few days and I was washing it for her and wiping it down. I have the pass rear door open and for whatever reason, my brain thinks ‘OH, child locks.’ Yep... I engaged the child lock and closed the door. As soon as the door left my hand, I instantly knew my mistake.

I’m hoping someone here has experience with these vehicles and can tell me if I remove the door card, can I either disable the child lock from within or at the very least open the door so I can disable it?


I’m sure that once I get into it I will find the reason behind the outer handle not working correctly but want some valid opinions before I either tear into it or send it to someone.

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