For my girlfriend’s birthday, I paid to have a custom drawing done by somebody, but like an idiot I didn’t do a very good job vetting the person before I put my money in escrow because I was so captivated by their “style”. I get the first of their drafts back, and instead of a cute scene with two animals, it’s one animal clearly traced from the reference photo I provided next to another animal that, for all I know, could be a stock image. In a completely different style no less! They also said “it’s hard to see because the lines are too light for my scanner to pick up”, but I’m pretty sure the image they sent me is just a carefully cropped and aligned iPhone photo.

Maybe it’s an honest person thinking I’ve got low standards and that they can make their money quick and easy, but it seems like an actual artist who’s passionate about their work wouldn’t pull this shit on me. Fortunately (or maybe unfortunately), I paid for three revisions, so I’m going put a little pressure on them and see if they can deliver. This might end up going in the “good judgment comes from experience” books though. Do your homework when you hire somebody to do something folks.