This has been something that’s been seriously eating away at me ever since I found out about it several months ago. I know when I talk about women’s issues sometimes I don’t come off as the most intelligent person, so. But. There is a young woman I know of, younger than me, and she’s helped me with a few things here and there and I guess it’s ok for me to just flat out admit that I like her, but I don’t want to say anything specific about her for reasons that will probably become obvious immediately. The thing is, she was raped, and seeing her cope with it (extremely poorly) and basically watching it kill her from the inside and turn her into a shell of what she used to be makes me want to repeatedly punch a concrete wall. I can’t even think of what kind of person she’s turned into without, well, wanting to punch a wall. She went from having a lot of enthusiasm for her job to basically effectively being fired from it, and I think the rape has a lot to do with it.

I once dated a girl who had survived being raped too, and she also dealt with it extremely poorly, turning into an alcoholic. In fact this other girl and I ended up bonding over my breakup with my ex, ironically I guess. I’m not expecting anybody from Oppo to help me, I’m pretty sure there isn’t anything that can help her, I just wanted to vent.