So like I really want a K powered Honda, preferably a EP3 Si, base RSX with a manual or reasonably priced Type-S if even possible

The only real problem is Honda owners and the condition of these cars

Lots of them are just salvaged title or rusty junk because of road salt, it’s not always like this but with the market so empty of both RSX’s and EP3's on a local level it’s usually either that or overpriced cars in good to great condition.


I mean its whatever, I’m not in a rush and can only have one car at a time anyway, so I can wait until the local market fixes itself.

I feel like alot of you know what I’m on about, just looking for an acceptable example at a fair price on a local level when the local market for these 3 door Honda is just not doing so good.

I have started to look into Fits, but even though it’s a little EP5, the motor isn’t the K I wanted, and first gen TSX’s with an auto seem to be the cheapest way to get a clean K powered car.

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