If your Ford had a Matthew McConaughey, it would be a Lincoln

Ugh. Previous Owners are so stupid.

Looking at my Brother’s new Pathfinder, I can only surmise that maybe the PO had a pet monkey, and they let the monkey paint the radio panel? Orange peel everywhere, when there’s no orange peel there’s visible scuffs or fingerprints in the damn paint. It’s all tacky cause it was laid on too thick. They even painted the damn knobs.

I’ve ordered some vinyl. Since I’m removing that panel to replace the head unit anyway, I’m going to attempt to sand it down and wrap it. I figure even if I botch it it’ll still look better than it currently does.


Took a while but I finally found a bluetooth head unit that can color match the panel lights and doesn’t look like ass. Should be arriving on Wednesday.

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