• Wife was working from home today. Kids therefore demanded more of both of us, because that’s how it works.
  • It rained about 1.25" today, and then snowed over an inch
  • I played in the stream(s) with my kids for about an hour in the pouring rain
  • Wife declared “I saw on Facebook it’s national Gin & Tonic day, so I made two, and ended up drinking both
  • Had a zoom meeting with friends and tried to involve a friend who happened to call in the middle, from jail. It didn’t work, but only because my sister couldn’t figure out that the volume was turned down on her laptop. Sorry, friend-in-jail. Next time.
  • One more “work day” and then YAY two more days at home! What could be better!
  • At least we are all healthy.
  • Good night.

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