At least the sunrise was rad. Plus for the second day in a row, I stayed inside the line while squeezing into the last parking spot.

I clock into our Volvo side like 15 minutes later than I usually do but still waaay earlier than most people here. One of our service advisers is at the desk near the entrance to the tech side of the parts department. I say, “Good morning sir”. He replies, “what? ya decided to show up today?”. Because he mumbled it, I just walking into my department processing what I thought I heard. Didn’t make sense because since kindergarten, I’ve yet to miss a day of school, college, and work ever or have taken a “vacation” that lasted more than a day.


Anyways he comes in later while I was doing some paper work in the back. He rings the little bell and I went to the back counter and said, “yes sir, how can I help you?”. He says, “are you awake or are going to mess up this repair order as well?” At that point I confirmed that indeed, beef was had lol. Keeping calm as always...

Dude, what’s the matter?

-You fucking got me written up yesterday ya damn POS hack!

Whoa whoa hold on, for what, what happened?

-You fucking billed a battery to a customer and it ended up being warranty. Dumbass, why didn’t you check it you retard?!?!?!?!


Bitch! That ain’t my job to check that. You told me to bill the customer because they were out. I asked you! Parts doesn’t look up customer warranty or CPO information. You told me to bill it. I billed it.

(he’s getting in my face now and yelling)

-When I used to be in parts back at BMW, we checked shit like this. You were a tech you know this. I’ve been doing this for 20 years blah blah blah


Then you don’t have an excuse to mess up a accept your mistake. You are NOT in parts anymore dude, your a service adviser. You are NOT at BMW anymore. I am not in service right now, i’m in parts. Do you job completely and don’t be lazy.

(he makes a move like he is going to push me or something)

Dude really? You going to loose your job for this little BS?

(at this point he walks out)

My service manager gets here and he talks to him, then yells at him for not only messing up that customer’s ticket, but for messing with me. About 2 hours later he walks in and apologizes. I tell him that it’s all good and to not stress out to much. We all make mistakes and all that drama isn’t necessary.


Why is this hostile stuff happening to me as of late lol? I promise those sort of things never happen.

BONUS story: This super angry dude comes in yesterday with his 2002 Volvo S60 that was recently purchased. It....... it was in rough shape. He had 3 issues. A driver’s side door that didn’t open. An ABS light. Finally, a CEL.


He was already pissy about buying a bad car and more so about our the 1 hour check out fee of $125. For the door, a piece broke off the the door panel that connects the wire for the lock/latch. $890 and it’s back order til the 23rd. For the ABS light, he had codes for both the ABS/STC module and pump. For that, it’ll be $2060 plus $62 for software reload. For the CEL, the car has a bad fuel rail pressure sensor. That’ll be $380. Add 8 hours labor to all that and it’s like $4600. The guy flips out. “I’M GOING TO CALL CHANNEL 13 TO COME INVESTIGATE YA’LL MUH FUCKAS!”

Is it the weekend yet? Can I lay in bed and watch motorsport all soft and warm all day?


I promise to keep these type of posts to myself next time. Keep OPPO cars!!!