Rant inside:

I am about ready to tell my boss to fuck himself with a hot iron. I work directly under the ownership, and they went to lunch with a former consultant who I was asked to be nice to. They didnt complete their final tweaks to our corporate website as laid out in the contract and in 10 emails, and somehow convinced the owners it was my end that could have easily done the work. While true, it was in the contract for them to complete, and I didnt want to be liable for a fuck up as has happened in the past. (Oh well you guys were the last one in there, which is why everything failed).

My boss calls me to his office post lunch and asked me for a paper trail "so he knows who is lying to him", and then when I provided it he said it wasnt evidentary because there was so much back and forth. I signed a web development contract, somehow the burden of testing landed on my staff in house, and now I am thrown under the bus for another thing they didnt do. I want to say fuck it, take the last hour and change and go home and breathe, but the rage is upon me. I want to send a nasty email to all parties.

Should I rage it up or save it for 5 and drown myself in shitty beer, then come in tomorrow to deal with it sanely?