I need to make a 3 page (11x17 inches) comic due Wednesday. It’s for my design drawing class and I can’t think of any comic ideas or draw.

I’ve gone from ideas about coal mine collapses to fire department rescues to a ham radio based superhero but nothing sticks.

Besides, I can’t draw for shit. It’s supposed to be all black and white, using negative space for showing form.

This is the assignment that the upperclassmen tell me that the instructor will take half the class aside and tell them Industrial Design isn’t for them. I could easily do this in Illustrator, or in clay, but this whole using your hands to draw thing is weird.

I just can’t grasp perspective view without using guide lines.

It’s also 80 degrees in my house because my whole family is gone and I can’t justify putting the AC on for one person in so much space. The heat might be getting to me.


I’m having a hard time.