I was really hoping this car (Impreza) would hold out. It is my daily commuter and has had various issues over the past couple years. The expenses have added up. (Yes I could have kept it cheap and done the work myself, but when the issues arose I didn’t have time.)

Now I have to determine if I want to just cut ties with a 120k mile car or get a new car. I really wanted to hold out until 2018 and get the new Volvo Wagon, but it doesn’t look like the car wants to cooperate.

The issue at hand is that the transmission seems to need a replacement. If I had time I would do it myself and drastically cut my costs, but since I don’t I assume it’ll be about $2k, if not more. The steering has also been weird the last year, but nothing the required maintenance. In the last 6 month I have done all the high mileage replacements (timing belt, differential change, etc.).

What is your suggestion oPPo? Do I roll the dice and throw more money into this car to hold out for this beauty?

Or do I get a nice used car for $15-20k and then wait til 2020 to get my dream car? I don’t even know what to get... maybe another manual impreza or a crosstek or outback?... I don’t even know..


So sad about this development... It has not been a good year.