Ugly 1990 Mosler Consulier GTP is Ugly- Just Sayin'

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Not all cars are pretty. But some are ugly for no reason. Even if they only made a 100 of these, they were 99 too many based on looks. Behold, the Mosler Consulier GTP, with a face its own mother would disown. But I heard they got their devotees. A 1991 3000GT put 220HP vs the 190HP from a 2.4 Dodge engine in the Consulier, so I can’t imagine a rocketship.


Go here at BaT to verify this thing looks like shit at every angle. Seems designed from a body kit created with a CAD program built in 1988. But hey, whatever floats your boat. We all like weird and strange from time to time. But today, I’ll pass.

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