Uh oh...

Just checked the oil in mom’s Accent as she is overdue for an oil change. The oil is dark, and was nearer low then full, so I added a few hundred milliliters.

However...when I took the cap off, there is a pile of yellow/white gunk under the oil cap....uh oh.

There were a few beads of moisture on the dipstick as well, but no HUGE beads there. I looked in the overflow tank for the coolant and only see nice limey-green. Thinking moisture and condensation rather than head gasket...? The car only has 80,000kms on it. I should mention that she uses it pretty infrequently, so it often sits for days before it gets a workout, and a lot of her trips are relatively short.

No pics because I didn’t have my phone out with me and didn’t think of it.

What say you fellow Opponauts? PRETTY sure it’s nothing to be worried about, but at the same time, it’s got me a little nervous...


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