So....on top of the whole basement flood thing back in late October which is STILL not finished yet (don’t even get me started)....

I just saw this thing outside my window.

It’s a DARK BROWN icicle coming from one of the soffit vents along the roof overhang. This has never happened before in the 14 years we’ve lived here and it has me worried from the basic Google searching I’ve done on the topic...


It’s a fairly cold week here, -10C or lower all week, plus strong windchill. I noticed it coming from one of two soffit vents along the back of the house, there are icicles coming from both vents, though the second vent has very, very small ones. The one in the picture is about 12-13 inches long...?

We had a huge rain here in my part of Nova Scotia last week where it POURED and then it became cold quickly the following night and day. It was also very windy just after the rain stopped, but not really DURING the rain.

I went out and looked and don’t SEE any shingles that look out of place or missing? There is absolutely 0 snow on the roof, nor do I see any ice. We had the gutters replaced only last year, so they are brand new. There are absolutely no signs of moisture inside the house on the ceiling anywhere other than condensation on the windows as is common for a lot of folks in the winter when it’s cold outside.

Is this something I should be worried about? It’s got me scared we are going to have water coming into the house through the ceiling once everything gets warm enough to melt or something!

- A concerned and ‘omg, now what the hell is going to go wrong with the house...’ RallyDarkstrike...

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