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...former "Dirty Jobs" host hit a few writers over their reporting on his relationship with Walmart.

He began with the "journalistic masterpiece" written by Matt Hardigree of Jalopnik, the automotive blog owned by Gawker Media. The headline: "Ford Drops Shill-For-The-Oppressors Mike Rowe From Truck Ads."

There were a lot of problems with even just the headline, so we'll let Rowe explain the facts:

"Shill for the Oppressors!" Is that not fantastic? I should make new business cards. I'm sure Matt's a swell guy, but unfortunately, he's so eager to report on a story that doesn't exist he's resorted to a career in fiction. Matt believes that my recent work with Walmart drove The Ford Motor Company to fire me after seven years of service. He sees some sort of conspiracy at work in a recent Ad Age article, where according to him, every one played just "a little too nice."

Sorry Matt – here are the facts. Ford didn't "drop" me. We had serious discussions about another extension but decided not to proceed for reasons completely benign. We parted amicably long before the Walmart ad came along. A simple phone call to Ford would have confirmed that. Or, you could have done some really deep digging, and called me. People do it all the time, especially when they're interested in geting the facts.

Bottom line – We "played nice" in Ad Age because the people involved are all, well…nice. I'm just at a point in my career where I want to associate myself with messages that speak directly to the issues that are important to me. That's why the Walmart ad was so appealing. A $250 billion investment in US manufacturing is worth talking about, and very much in keeping with the goals of my own foundation. If any other "Oppressors" are looking to make a similar investment in America, drop me a line. I'm happy to "shill" for any company that get this country back to work.