We attended the state robotics championship this weekend (scored top ten, yay team!). It was held at the school picture below. With 60 teams qualifying, there were probably between 600 and 1,000 attendees with all of the supporting vehicles. Sure, some teams brought buses, but many depended on small caravans of parents to get to the event.

Even though we arrived early, the parking lots were full so I found a prime spot on the street (red dot in pic above). Really, my car was more in the ditch than in the street. I made sure to park near the end of the street, facing AWAY from from the school so we would have a quick getaway. With people parking on both sides of this narrow road, it was effectively reduced to a single lane.

I was not surprised when I found a traffic jam on the way out. What was surprising was the cause. A guy driving a U-Haul van had the worst timing and came face-to-face with the folks trying to leave the event.


The U-Haul driver’s position was clear - “If you think I am going to back this U-Haul down a narrow street full of cars, you are crazy!”

The argument from the attendees was also clear - “There are already fifteen cars jammed in behind us and there is nowhere to back up!”


I decided the best course of action was to get into my car and hightail it out of there before the traffic jam boxed my car in. There were police officers in the parking lot, so I’m sure they were called in to start managing the traffic.

The best part? Teaching my son the value of planning ahead when you are parking.