...So, you're telling me that you have to change your tires twice a year because of a seasonal change? You have to go out and buy an extra set of wheels and special winter tires, throw them on in the middle of November, and keep them on throughout four-ish months where you'll then have to swap back into your fun summers?

Snow comes to you and not the other way around? What?

Seriously, the thought of having to spend a few extra minutes letting the cabin in my car warm up, the wiper blades melt, and scraping ice off my driver and passenger side windows in the morning, on a Monday when I probably already woke up late because it's fucking Monday is giving me intense nausea. Like, I can tolerate having to throw on a sweater before I leave.


It's going to be 79F tomorrow. I'll take dying of thirst in our drought stricken state. Thanks.

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