I just wanted to share with you guys my experience in building a the Ukrainian Gears Tractor kit. The easiest way to describe these kits is to think of the wooden dinosaur skeletons we all assembled as kids, but for a mechanical system. All wood, no screws or glue, and completely hand assembled.


So after coming across these kits a few weeks back from their kickstarter of a train, I looked up their existing kits on Amazon and added one. They have numerous kits, including a safe, a combine tractor, a dynamometer, engines, etc. I decided to start simple and put the basic tractor kit on my wishlist. Well, we had Xmas with my in-laws last weekend, and I am now the proud owner of the kit.

The kit came with everything needed, including toothpicks for the various axles, and rubberbands for motion. There were also extra of each. I didn’t think to take pictures of the assembly process, but here are the final results.



The finished product has 4wd (the front wheels are connected to the rear through gears), and a three position gear shift which includes park, drive, and sport. The kit also as rudimentary pistons that actually control the speed of the tractor by racheting against the drive gears. Sport disengages this mechanism and the tractor will race off.