1.) Large vehicles blocking all lanes of traffic

This actually happened to me the other day. 2 semi-trucks and a dump truck completely blocked all lanes of traffic on a 60 mile an hour stretch of highway. They were all going the same speed and nobody could pass them. Worse yet, the dump truck started pulling ahead but a dirty colored liquid was splashing out of the back.

2.) Large vehicles in the passing lane


A little blurry but you get the gist of it. Semi-truck in the far left lane just cruising along with no care in the world.

3.) ^ taking pictures on your phone while driving near 70 mph. Seriously, cut that shit out slightly younger me.


4.) Cruising in the passing lane. Nothing further really needs to be said.

5.) I'm done with pictures for now but people who stagger piss me off. These people will get into the far right or left lane for no reason other than to just be there. They'll often sit at your rear or front quarter panel and prevent you from changing lanes or slow you down while you're trying pass.


6.) Rubber banders. Fuck these people. These people will be putzing along in the cruise lane until they notice you passing them then either get embarrassed or pissed off at the notion of someone going faster than them. They follow this up by speeding up. Another form of rubber banding are people who don't keep constant speed either by using cruise control or pedal control so they speed up and slow down constantly but never keep a consistent speed. bonus points if they do this in the passing lane with a long ass line of cars behind them.

7.) People who seem to think that just because you have a fast car means you want to race on the interstate. This is not limited to people who also have fast cars and want to prove it is faster than yours (because a race with a 70mph start on a crowded interstate is sooooo much fun) as I have seen minivans and even a misguided but completely pimped out PT Cruiser. Bonus points for smug looks when they pass you going 90 while you're still cruising along.


8.) People who come to a complete stop on interstates because they are about to miss their exit. Not only is it a dick move but not very safe. Bonus points if there is a long line for the exit and this person comes to a stop in the cruising lane and tries to force their way in.

9.) People who can't stay in their lane because they are distracted and constantly have to swerve back to avoid wrecking.


10.) People who don't look when they change lanes with no signal. Too many times I've changed lanes and watched someone else try to occupy the same lane without signalling or looking. Honks usually get rude stares like you did something wrong by preventing a wreck. Bonus points for SUVs, large trucks and motorcycles.