Ultra High Efficiency 2019 Silverado V8s Ultra High Let Down

Dynamic Fuel Management, the upgrade to Active Fuel Management shows it’s prowess.

The old inefficient AFM, aka cylinder deactivation dropping from V8 to V4 under low load, has been one upped in a huge way by the new-new DFM, which has 17 firing cycles in effort to skip cylinders and create the most efficient engine operation based on load demand. Like a transmission in side the engine! It’s praised as moving the V8 forward and GM showing everyone else that the V8 can hang out in a turbo world. By all accounts it sounds like the V8 strategy is still relevant for full size trucks.


GM has been praising it for it’s efficiency on the new 5.3 and 6.2 V8s that will be found under the hood of their new 2019 Silverado and Sierra 1500s. And the general media has followed suit talking it up like it’s a game changer. But Joe Media didn’t have figures or seat time in the trucks. They just regurgitated GM’s words.

GM low key released MPG figures on these engine over a week ago. Did you know that? Did anyone? It was so low key that very, very few outlets even made note of it. And the outlets that did just casually mention it and carry on. This could also explain GM’s release strategy for these trucks. These two trucks made their debut what feels like a year ago, except it was only one or two models, and no specs. Then a few more models were released. Then some specs, but not all, not even the full engine lineup announced. Then the engines were confirmed but no specs. And so on. We still dont have full specs and they are supposed to go on sale essentially any day now. They trickled out information that by the end no one gave a shit.

So the MPG figures of these world changing V8s? City/HWY/Combined

5.3L DFM w/ 8spd - 17/23/19 (355hp, 383lb-ft) Unsure if 2wd or 4wd models
6.2L DFM w/ 10spd - 16/20/17 (420hp, 460lb-ft) Unsure if 2wd or 4wd models


Sound familar? Well here’s the old AFM engine from the 2018 model

5.3L AFM w/ 8spd - 16/22/18 (355hp, 383lb-ft)
6.2L AFM w/ 8spd - 15/20/17 (420hp, 460lb-ft)


1MPG at best...

Here’s the quick competition comparison

Ram 1500 5.7L V8 - 15/21/17 (395hp, 410lb-ft)

F150 5.0L V8 - 16/22/18 (395hp, 400lb-ft)

What gives GM? And what gives media attention? They should be getting chewed apart. Did GM ask for sympathy, like not chirping the shitty kid at a little league game?


Their 2.7T and 3.0D better pull a rabbit or these trucks are a massive let down.

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