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Ultra High Performance All Seasons

Yes, I know, dedicated summers and winters are the only approved Jalop way, but it doesn't make sense when I only need snows for approximately two weeks a year. So, here we are. Let's talk All Seasons.

Looking for tires for a 2009 Lexus IS250 AWD. I currently have Bridgestone Potenza RE970AS Pole Positions. They've been fine and lasted me about 30,000 miles. They did absolutely suck in the snow, but it was only an issue for a few days of snowfall this winter, so I'm not that concerned. I liked the way they drove in the dry a lot.


I'm considering replacing them with either the same tire or with Continental ExtremeContact DWS or with the Michelin Pilot Sport A/S 3. All three received good testing marks on Tire Rack.

Does anyone have any insights or comparisons they can offer?

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