Simon Marshall (designer of the DeltaWing and Nissan’s LMP1 car) came into our pizza place today and, in an extremely abbreviated summary of the conversation we had, might be able to get me an internship next summer working with him, Zack Eakin, and Ben Bowlby. I don’t really know what to say besides AREYOUSHITTINGMEOHMYFUCKINGGODTHISIS-FUCKINGUNBE-FUCKING-LIEVABLEWHATKINDOFFUCKINGLUCKDOES-MYDUMBASSHAVETOHAVETHISFUCKINGOPPORTUNITYHOLYFUCKINGSHIT

We swapped email addresses and Mr. Marshall said he would “keep in touch” so I imagine I’ll have more specific information in the next few weeks. While we didn’t get into the details of what kind of qualifications he was looking for, he was impressed that I knew about his time at Lola and Braselton and that I was at Purdue for mechanical engineering so I got that going for me at least, which is nice. Seriously though, even if this doesn’t work out it was still surreal just to talk to one of the designers of the most batshit racecar of the last decade.