It's midnight here in N. Houston (aka pretty much northern Mexico cartel land) and I just woke up to heavy gun fire.
Afterwards, I hear, what I can identify as, 2 V8 pick-up trucks with aftermarket exhaust (the most common vehicle in my neighborhood) haul ass in the same direction. There is a semi busy street next to my house where a little further down the road is a huge UPS warehouse. I heard a UPS big rig pass by (as they do all night) but then noticed it stopped a bit early. Soon after, it started to honk at something then over take perhaps something blocking the road. A couple minutes later, a car passed by, stopped, then started honking its horn as well. Finally to add to my half asleep thoughts, a womans starts screaming and crying very loud.
I hear police or body wagon sirens on the way. Me thinks someone just got gunned down either on the street or in their car and is blocking the road. Also, my dogs and the neighbors dogs are barking towards the back of my backyard. To keep in "Texas", I have my 30-30 and katanas here next to me and ready if someone tries to come in lol :]