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Unacceptable tow car?

I have a friend, Jimmy Little Legs, who has 2 MGB's and nothing else. He asked to borrow my big trailer to take one of the MG's down to Lincolnshire (3.5 hours drive) so that he can get his mustard yellow MGB down to a specialist garage. No problem Jimmy! Just get a good tow car, said I.

Last nights phone conversation went along these lines;

'Alex, can I get the trailer in the morning? I've sorted myself a tow car, and it's only cost £50, wait til you see it!'


FML, this is what he's bought.

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A 1.6 Hyundai. A £50 1.6 Hyundai. From an auction.

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Am I about to lose my trailer to the Gods of Orloved?

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