So the powers that be decided that we should all have unassigned desks, because “We’re a mobile workforce!” or some bull. It’s actually the fact that they are too damn cheap to lease more floor space in the building. Three words describe what I’m subjected to: I. Hate. This. Caution: This is a long rant...

(Note: Not my office. Ours wasn’t built with enough money thrown at it to get into design magazines)

So I told my boss that I would try it, but if it doesn’t work out, then we will have to come up with another solution.

So after 6 weeks with this new layout, I have come to despise it, because no where in their redesign did they solve any of the core issues that were plaguing our office space, and utilization of space.

1) It doesn’t respect those people who have challenges with constant change.

I happen to be someone who needs a routine to actually function at my best, and it really cuts into my productivity when I have to constantly be adjusting due to whatever circumstances are occurring. It also is not good for team cohesion when someone has the ability to step on other people’s toes. Our directors and higher managers can reserve space for themselves, but us trench workers cannot.


My fix would be to have the directors participate in dogfooding. Along with the operations team, because they all have assigned seating.

2) The different workstations are not set up with the same level of technology, leading to a tiered system.

Right, because you so couldn’t see the office political minefield of not giving everyone the exact same setup. Some workstations have two monitors, some only have one, some have arms, some do not, some have keyboards, some do not, etc...


This is a breeding ground for resentment and conflict. And over what? $100K to put two monitors on arms at all workstations? In a multimillion dollar revenue public company?

3) It doesn’t solve the major problem we have in the office, which is no available meeting space.

This is mainly due to the fact that the scheduling system allows for monopolization of rooms through recurring schedules, as well as a culture that works like this:


They could easily solve this by requiring a physical check in to hold the space otherwise the system cancels your reservation and frees it up. But they allow online check in, which defeats the whole purpose.

Conclusion: Unassigned Workspaces may be for you, but they are not for me.