You know, my earliest memory is remembering. But before that I meant to wonder, “Where are the Lamborghini Interrobangs and/or Hederas?!” Enter the woods of my morning mind, Oppo. Please excuse the mess and watch your step or else you’ll end up on a trip. *guffaws quietly*

Asterism: “The Bullish Page Break.”


Also the name of a celestial Lambo-Man hybrid hybrid also known as the Manghini with an electric powertrain. Would include autonomous braking, regenerative braking, oversized carbon ceramic braking, and of breaking. The laws of physics that is! But not the major ones, just the misdemeanors of physics.

Interrobang: “The Interrogative Point?!”

Read everything in a Samuel L. Jackson voice then right before you end the phrase surprise yourself with a question mark. See, way more fun with that loud, growling upward inflection at the end. “...Yes they deserve to die and I hope they burn in hell?!” Better yet, think Lil’ Jon in Pulp Fiction. Now make it a car. Anyone else remember the Wolf’s NSX? Well dooo ya?! Whowutt?!

Hedera: “It’s a Tribal Leaf!”


A subset of fleurons involving leaves that are an easy way to spruce up your paper and/or tats, Broseph. Just think of how much cooler the Nissan Leaf would be if it were called the Fleuron Hedera. Switch it around to Hedera Fleuron and you got yourself a Bugatti there, Habibi-baby-buddy-boy.

Lozenge: “A Cute Rhombus.”


Sometimes typography can be hard to swallow but using this one is a walk in the parquet! Oh my gosh, I’m such a card. True story, they fired me from Olive Garden because my cheese is never grating.

Andorpersand: “Because And/Or is Unnecessary.”


If it’s good enough for Raiden to scream out while torpedoing at characters then it’s good enough for people to scream out as the car torpedoes towards them. That’s what I always say. Plus you can make Star Wars Editions of the car!

Look at that, some great car names with even cooler emblems just begging for trademarked use. You’re welcome!