Under warranty or no? I should know today

I had my dealership replace my oil in their express lube department. They apparently checked my brakes as well, and my front pads are at 4mm, and my rear pads are at 1mm!

random photo of a white wrx

1mm rear pads at 17000 miles! They told me they suspect a sticking caliper because they shouldn’t be so low at such low mileage.


So, I scheduled an appointment and dropped of the car yesterday. Told them not to replace anything unless it is under warranty - their plan is to machine the rotors, and replace calipers and pads. Because this is brakes - something usually not covered by warranty because they are consumables - I have a feeling they’ll try to refuse coverage. If they refuse to fix it under warranty, I’ll probably just replace the pads on my own.

At this point, I am about done with Subaru. I use to recommend Subaru to anyone looking for a car, but now... my brakes, my wife’s engine and sensor issues, my mom’s CVT issues... and the fact that all their cars now have a CVT, I think I might be on my last Subaru.

Final nail in the coffin - the dealership wants $80+ to sync my TPMS. I put on my winter wheels and tires which don’t have sensors back in October and a few weeks ago I put on my original summer wheels and tires with the sensors and the damn car won’t re-sync. Fuck that noise.

Update - they are replacing front and rear pads under warranty. Two weeks ago I was at 4mm for front and 1mm for rear brakes according to their express lube department, but apparently today the fronts were down to 2mm which is some sort of magic number for them to replace them under warranty and send the pads back to Subaru. Yay for free. 

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