Most of us did it, some of us got caught. I got caught when I was 16, my parents were out to dinner and came home early to find their car, and underage son had apparently run off together. 

Needless to say, when I got the call from "home" on my brick of a Nokia, I just about shit myself. Rounding the corner onto my block was even worse; both my parents standing like angry statues on my front lawn. I was grounded for a month, but the girl who I had been on my way to pick up was mega impressed by my "baddass-ery," so it all worked out in the end. 

It's not like my parents (dad) was setting a good example though. Pictured above is 12 year old JBH piloting pop's trusty '94 Volvo 850 wagon. During the summer of 2002 we did a 2-month long cross country road trip (NJ to CA and back). The deal was this; any state in which young JBH could own a gun or get married, he could also drive the Volvo. 

I don't remember finding any evidence of young teen marriages or child soldiers, but for whatever reason my dad thought it was okay to let me drive. I didn't complain.