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Undercover cop cars are getting harder to detect

Today, as I was walking back to my car (No final for English!) I noticed a strange Taurus in the parking lot. There were two little bars in the grille and a black cylinder looking thing on the roof. It took me a minute to figure out, but I realized it was undercover cop car. It's not unusual to see cop cars from all over the state here, as our police academy is supposed to be pretty good. It looked identical to this car, just with what I mentioned before.

It's not surprising to see undercover Taurus' here, as my local PD has had a few for some time now. What is surprising is how well disguised it was. It took me way to long to figure out what it was. Then there's this other Taurus that really threw me off. It looked like an average base model, but with an SHO/Police grille. That's another undercover car, like this one but beige.


Then there's another thing I've noticed, there is a wide variation of cop cars being used now. Here's a list of all the cop cars that roam my area, both marked and unmarked:

Ford Crown Victoria

Ford Taurus

Chevy Tahoe

Ford F-150

Ford Expedition

Ford Explorer (Sheriff)

Dodge Charger (Sheriff)

So ya, a lot of cars! It's just something I have noticed lately, have any of you seen this or is it just me?

I also saw my first Chevy Caprice yesterday, not bad.

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