For those of you who read my previous Post i found the cause of the terminal understeer.I found it was indeed the tires!

The other day i bought two new tires to replace the worn rears and ,as you do with Fwd cars, got them to swap them round so the new ones ended up on the front. That meant the front tires i whined about last time are now on the rear.
And today by chance i ended up on the same road in the same wet conditions to give an accurate test.
What a whole different ball game!
Now the front sticks great while those dodgy tires on the rear are now providing endless oversteer amusement.
In fact i deliberately overdid it on one safe(ish) corner to see if it was controllable at wild angles. Um,lets just say that’s a firm NO....
Still ,its quite controlable are sensible speeds and massively preferable to dangerous i’m-just-a-passenger understeer!!