Unemployed for four months now. Didn't expect to make it a month past my being let go before I was back at work. Got denied for unemployment as well, since my former employer stated that I quit instead of the truth (which was them literally telling me to leave in the middle of the day). My wife is working, so we are able to keep our heads above water financially. I'm not exactly thrilled about not contributing financially and relying on my wife for money. Of course, we've taken a chunk out of our savings...and our long-term plans (buying a nicer home in a nicer area, having a child, etc.) are now even MORE long-term.

Oh, and why did I get let go from former employer? I scored an 84.38 on preliminary training quizzes instead of the required 85.

That Bachelor's Degree I worked so hard to get back in 2012 sure seems pointless now. I've applied for almost 70 jobs, all of which I'm qualified for. There just isn't any interest. The job market (particularly where I live) sucks. And I can't relocate because my wife's job is leading her to a promotion soon and my grandmother lives here (and I help take care of her because we have no other family anywhere close).

Oh well. Here's a picture of my car (which is paid off, thank God) for your time. If you don't like it, well, I apologize.