Miata is always the answer?

Image: CaptDale

What do you do when you quit your job? Obviously spend a week plus in a heat wave in Davis,CA tearing apart not 1, but 2 Miatas! Started off helping the boyfriend finish his friend’s Miata that they did a clutch job in and then we found needed a drive shaft and engine mounts.


Now we are tearing apart my partner’s Miata and doing the same basic job, but with very nice upgraded parts instead of the cheap/factory parts we used on the friend’s because that was a budget job.

Let me tell you right now, Miata may be a good answer, but if the question is, “what car is designed in such a way it is easy to work on?” The Miata is fucking not the answer. It is small, cramped, and everything having to do with CA emissions is in the fucking way. And no of course those can’t be removed.... Thanks CARB *eye roll*

Illustration: CaptDale

Obligatory Corvette photo and my BF dad’s manual Mazda 3. The Corvette waits for work to be done because the place I bought the suspension parts from are terrible and I will NEVER do business with them again and am returning the parts I ordered from them and getting my shocks elsewhere.

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