Unemployment: Day 1

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Slept alright. Woke up at 7:50, brewed some coffee, and filed for unemployment. Helped another coworker over the phone file for hers. Chatted with my boss and another coworker as we are all tying up loose ends from either the office or home remote workstations.


Sent out a massive broadcast to clients about how we are closed until yadda yadda and whatever. First reply within 30 seconds is from one of my more... unsavory accounts, asking if I’ll still be compiling bids and scheduling. I’m like, no, we are closed and I’m still unemployed as I was six minutes ago. He replied with two more terse emails about how this affects him. Write a letter to your governor, sir. To be totally honest: I won’t miss him. Other replies have been fine. About two hours later, my top account announced they’re suspending all construction for the next six weeks. I’ve got my email on autoreply, voicemail set up, and auto reply for any texts. After 5pm tonight, my work phone will be shut off for 2 weeks... or longer... or forever, if not rehired. My level of confidence in being rehired is not as high as I would like, but it is what it is. I have a contingency plan in place — one I hope not to exercise under these circumstances, but one must always have a backup.

As for myself on a personal level: I won’t say that I was ever prepared for something like this. But I will say that I’m not terribly worried. Unemployment benefits will soften the blow even a little, and we have some reserves. I’ve suspended the insurance policy on the Paseo wagon, only the Pontiac Vibe will be active so that saves some money. There’s so little else I can control that I’m just not going to dwell on it because it will make me sick, so I’m just going to worry about what I can do.


I did pick up a new free TV a few weeks ago, so I think this is a great time to bust out the N64 and do what I did the last time I was unemployed: play MarioKart 64, Mario Tennis, and StarFox 64 alllll daaaaaaaaaaaay loooooooooooooooooong.

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