Two years ago, I told myself I would never buy another piece of steel exhaust for the van, and that I would order a stainless system the next time a pipe rusted through.

Two weeks ago was the last leak, and it went on this weekend.

All the fasteners were rusted so badly that it was easier to slice it off in pieces rather than try to disassemble it.

I was really worried about the header bolts, as they were almost as bad. I was able to pound a 12mm socket on to the bolt head (was originally 13mm), and back them out. I was really worried there for a bit, since the location of the ports doesn’t lend itself to engine-in drilling/tapping/Helicoiling


Old system
New system


I can’t tell you the last time I put a pipe on this engine and it didn’t leak at first. There are 10 joints, and not one of them leaked. The Magnaflow doesn’t sound half-bad, either.


This rust flaked off the old system just by handling it.