Unexpected engine choice for a '71 Ranchero

Anyone here remember in The Fast and The Furious: Tokyo Drift, when they rebuilt that '67 Mustang with an RB26DETT in place of a typical muscle car motor?

Well, I think I just found that Mustang's coupe-utility cousin.

Searching on Goo-Net, I came across this '71 Ford Ranchero in the Ford Other section.


I looked at the details and saw the displacement being listed as 3.0L.

I thought 'that must be a mistake'.

Then, I looked at the picture of under the hood.

It's no mistake. I'm fairly sure that's a Toyota 2JZ-GTE under that Ranchero's hood.

What do you guys think? '71 Ranchero and a 2JZ-GTE. Good combination or a terrible one?

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