Unexpected Gambler Prep

With the Ranger not able to make it to Tennessee I am prepping the smart the best ways I can to make ready to offroad in the mountains.

Original plan was to grab the two snows off the garage queen smart 450 then send it. Reason is because the rears are roasted on the smart. They could probably barely make the trip, but forget about offroading. Anyway, thankfully I questioned the tire size of said snows..


I put the tires through a calculator and realized I’ll be losing an inch of ground clearance in the rear with them. Apparently the all seasons I have raise the car 1.5 inches from stock. I can’t lose any height in the rear as that’s the most vulnerable part of the car.

Oof...here we go again! I picked up some basically new Nokian Hakkapeliitta NRW snows for $50. Learning my lesson from the Thornbirds I gave them a good inspection. They are bigger than the current tires, so much that the rear will be 2.5" taller than stock. That means I basically have the Daystar lift kit, but through tires!

I hate driving snows on hot ground, so what will happen is I’ll mount them to this car’s rears, then grab two wheels from the cabrio to be my road wheels. I’ll switch to the snows at camp.


From here I’m just going to update my offroad lights, maybe add some RGB, then pack up for Friday!

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