Do you like Spider Man (and all walks of Spider People)? Do you like funny movies? Do you like comic books? Do you like movies that feel like reading a comic book to watch? Do you like kickin’ soundtracks?


Do you like good writing and heartfelt story-telling that isn’t preachy or heavy-handed? Do you like a movie that makes jokes that require a deep geekyness and pop-culture understanding to get (whether you’re young or old), and doesn’t assume you are an idiot? Do you want to see another memorial/thanks to Stan Lee and a hilarious post-credits clip worth waiting for? Do you want to leave the theater whistling “spidey-bells?”


Go see Spider Man: Into The Spider-verse. Don’t feel bad going to see it without kids if you don’t have any, the 1pm sunday matinee I attended was entirely populated by adults, certainly none younger than 16. It’s a darn fine super-hero film. In fact, it’s a good movie >period<.

We don’t talk about this much...

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