Unexpected Oppo Movie Review

Do you like Spider Man (and all walks of Spider People)? Do you like funny movies? Do you like comic books? Do you like movies that feel like reading a comic book to watch? Do you like kickin’ soundtracks?

Do you like good writing and heartfelt story-telling that isn’t preachy or heavy-handed? Do you like a movie that makes jokes that require a deep geekyness and pop-culture understanding to get (whether you’re young or old), and doesn’t assume you are an idiot? Do you want to see another memorial/thanks to Stan Lee and a hilarious post-credits clip worth waiting for? Do you want to leave the theater whistling “spidey-bells?”


Go see Spider Man: Into The Spider-verse. Don’t feel bad going to see it without kids if you don’t have any, the 1pm sunday matinee I attended was entirely populated by adults, certainly none younger than 16. It’s a darn fine super-hero film. In fact, it’s a good movie >period<.

We don’t talk about this much...

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