a while back I did a job for another architect. He needed someone to do a few renderings for a house he plans on building down in Florida. He emailed me the other day and asked if I could come in to talk about some revisions. after talking about that, he asked me to sit in the conference room. I was thinking that he was going to ask me to do another project but instead offered me a job.

One of the other guys he works with has been telling him all the extra side work I do, how I work with clients and all the work I do in my current office (this other guy had worked in here to help out with a couple projects) The guy basically said if this is all true, he thinks I’d be a good replacement for him, the owner of the company. He wants me to come in basically doing what I do now and slowly take over more responsibilities.


there was no formal offer, it was basically left at there is a seat here for you and when you are ready, come on in. This is not your standard architectural office. this guy works with a lot of realtors and puts together proposals for properties and then gets people to buy the project. He also runs a construction management company. He has done well for himself. He has a nice house along with property in EssExxTee-ville and New Hampshire.

The commute would be cut from 16 miles to about 8 miles, but the route would cut my travel time from 45 minutes (30-60 depending on traffic) to 10-15 minutes depending on traffic. Thats a huge plus as traffic STRESSES ME THE FUCK OUT. We never made it into $ discussions but I can’t imagine my current office ever being able to come close to what he could offer.


side cars for side job

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