Unicorn spotting

I saw a couple of unicorns today. No pictures of my own, but here are some internet pictures. First I saw a Corvair Greenbrier van while leaving the tire shop. I stopped and talked to the guy for a few minutes but didn't take any pictures. Since he was working I didn't want to take too much of his time and I wasn't sure how he would feel about pictures. He regularly drives a 1965 Corvair Greenbrier, and was using it for work because his work truck was in the shop. I've seen it around town before, and in fact this summer openly gawked at him as he drove by in a parking lot. He got a laugh when I told him that. The van is in beautiful shape, even the engine compartment which he opened up to give me a peek. He was apologizing because he lives on a gravel road and there was road dust on the engine. It is cleaner than any of my vehicles. This is from GIS, but is the same color as his, though his might have different wheels.

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I also saw a Mercedes 300SD of probably 80's vintage while driving. It looked to be in decent shape though the paint was pretty well oxidized on it. It didn't look too rusted out, but I was behind it at an intersection and didn't get a look at the sides or front. Definitely a driver and not a show car but it looked solid. Here is a brown 79 that has a similar rear end to the car I saw.

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