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Back in late 1988, I had to walk quite a long way to get to my school bus stop.

One day I noticed that a guy up the street, that only had brand new Toyota's had purchased a new for 1989 Toyota Pickup SR5. It was gorgeous, white with blue stripes. I was in love. Every time that I got off of the bus I would walk up to that truck and stare. One day the truck was not backed into the drive way and I could finally see the back of the truck. The most baffling thing ever happened, my young mind went wild. The truck had a Lexus V8 Prototype badge. It had a regular metal Toyota badge on the drivers side of the tailgate and on the passenger side it had a metal badge that said Lexus V8, with "prototype" underneath. It had a very weird looking automatic transmission shifter, that looked home made. I was a major car nerd as a kid, my grandmother always sent me automotive magazine subscriptions for Christmas. So I knew that something was up, this was no ordinary Toyota. This was all right before the Lexus LS 400, so I had no idea what a Lexus was.

I was a seriously pesky kid, so bugged the guy about it. He said it was stock, I said it wasn't because of the prototype badge. He politely told me to fuck off. I finally got the guy to show me the engine bay. I'll never forget the V8 FOUR CAM 32 on the valve covers. God, it was cool. Not only was the engine packed into the truck, it sounded mildly satanic. That guy only had that truck for maybe four months, five at the most and then it was gone. Replaced by an even more exciting Supra A70.


I have never been able to find out ANYTHING about this truck. The only thing that I do know is that Toyota made around 400+ prototypes for the Lexus LS 400. I'm guessing that this truck was one of them.

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