found me first coworker i dont like much... not for any real reason dude just seems to be allergic to silence.. so i need to find a way to get him as far away from me as possible... cant take another day of his terrible jokes off tune whistling and general loudness (i came here for my peace and quiet forfuckssake... stop ruining it)

is farscythe allowed to be here.... no.. no he is not... but the bike fits and that means i goes

also... me new management of whom iā€™d so far not found any real problems with... just found a brilliant new idea we should all start implenting


lean/6fuckingsigma.... fuck my life... again?.... do you think my lego certificate will get me a pass?

ooo purdy little clouds.... dont look like much yet... but my shoulder says i dont need to water the plants tonight

also.. one of me local supermarkets is missing... presumed...gone

the hell? they took the whole damn shop... shoplifting is mad round here... *wants to ride around in the dirtpiles*