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United Killed My Bag Today.... Here's A Dragster First

More (and rant) after the jump.

I’ve had the same Oakley bag for about 15 months now, flown several dozen times through several different countries. It’s an awesome bag that’s survived many baggage claim areas. Until today.


Carrying my bag into the airport it’s perfectly fine, battle scars but not broken. Every handle works great, I lifted it onto their scale and it’s 35 pounds, we’re set. Fly out, land, go to baggage claim only to discover one side of the top handle has ripped clean out of the plastic main body. Not a popped rivet, not a torn handle, legit tear of the plastic, like this.

Walk to the baggage service desk, guy looks at it, takes some info, then hands back a paper rejecting the claim with instruction to call a number to challenge it. Call said number, person says they can’t go over the heads of the original baggage service desk, but I could get a $100 travel voucher as compensation (it’s a $250 bag, no thanks). Call the service desk, they say since I’ve already talked to corporate the desk can’t go over their heads and should just accept the travel vouchers.

I’ve flown United all over the world the last few years, I had zero personal issues with them. But being told by two different departments that they can’t go over the heads of the other department and that I need to talk with the other department about it (is a two-person Mexican Standoff possible?) I’m getting sick of airlines.

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