So with the Rebel sold I decided to get something with the similar classic standard style, however with more power. Ideally, I want a bike that’ll eat up the miles better and faster than my Blast.

With that in mind, let’s have some fun! The end goal is to not spend any real money and the funds for these bikes would come from yesterday’s Rebel sale.

ETA: This is just early searching for now. Since I already have the Buell to ride I’m not in a rush to replace the Honda.

Up first is a GS850G!


From what I read on forums, these bikes are heavy, however they seem to last forever and will beat miles into submission at Chicago expressway speeds. My biggest concern with this one is age. I was told to go no older than ten years. My 18 year old Buell already broke that rule, as did the 13 year old Honda.

Seller says it’s mine if I want it.

Up next is a Chonda Grom


I’ve expressed interest in Grom clones and I’m holding true. I’m not afraid of Chinese quality (or lack thereof)...If anything, I like Chinese bikes because I’m a masochist like that. The TaoTao Hellcat was the first Chinese clone I’ve ever considered several months back (before I bought the Buell), but ultimately I decided my first bike should be able to at least hold its own in rural/highway traffic. That was a good decision. However now I can return back to the 125cc craze that’s tugging on my heart.

I recently rode my neighbour’s 2018 Grom and it’s bonkers. The darn thing is slow, yet I had the biggest smile on my face. I can see why these things are popular. It was fun ripping through gears, yet still being in the speed limit.


Seller isn’t responding to messages. I sent him emails from various addresses under different names and once even offered him an absurd amount. Why put up an ad if you aren’t going to monitor it?

Keeping it old, this baby is so beautiful.

And it’s another one where the seller is basically ready for me to drag it away.


This sounds like a bad a really bad idea. Indiana, no title, older than me? I’m not sure why, but I’ve somehow recently fallen in love with Goldwings after getting to sit on one about this old. I feel like a girl shouldn’t have this much power!! That said, this may be more of a case where I like the idea of the bike more than the bike itself.


Wrapping up this list of bad decisions is another missing title. This one’s a Ninja 500R. Amusingly, despite the same engine displacement, this multi-cylinder bike is twice as fast as my Buell and is probably much more reliable. A title won’t be too hard to get and I love the modern looks. However it seems to get a rap for being a beginner’s bike, which means I may find myself in the same situation I found myself in with the Rebel.


Here we go again!