It’s no secret I hate my job, but when I’m less pissed it’s easier to sit back and just laugh at stupidity. But fret not my fellow patrons, not all is gloom and doom after the jump.

In an effort to be less of an asshole...

I want to try and not be so pessemistic. I don’t have high hopes.

Earlier today I smogged a ‘79 F150, which I failed because the idle RPM was too high, so it failed the timing check. It also had a catalytic converter which isn’t legal for California. But what I found amusing was when I asked the customer for money his response was, “I have to pay even though it failed?” Well, yeah. I performed a service. And while you may not have liked the outcome, the BAR did. Sorry I did my job correctly and the last two smog technicians had their head up their ass and didn’t their jobs right.

Now, to the part about not being such as asshole. In that guys defense, I have heard of shops who don’t charge when you fail smog. I don’t get that, but I’m sure customers love that since I can’t think of anything else where you don’t pay for a service performed.


In other musings: if you come to my shop you don’t need to bother with making an appointment, or even with waiting, just drive right in and my boss will take you over the other people who have been waiting for much longer.

I hope no one wonders why I hate working here.

And I am trying to correct this. I have an interview at a law office on Wednesday. I’m tired of working for someone who is incompetent and commits fraud on a daily basis. I got into automotive repair to prevent fraud and abuse, not be apart of it.