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Unnecessary Boat Shopping

This boat has really piqued my interest and I still keep looking at the ad since it was first posted 3 days ago.

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Image: craigslist

Per the seller it’s been sitting for 30 years in covered storage. So presumably the hull is still solid.

Twin 3.0 mercruiser engines, these would be the biggest part of the gamble if I did buy it.


Best case scenario: The engines run great and just needed to be revived and the transmissions shift smoothly and minimal wiring issues found

Still needs (these are all very rough costs)

Shaft seals - 2x$300

Shaft bearings - 2x$100

New fuel lines - ~$100

Tires - 4x$100

Fluids/filters - ~$200

Miscellaneous - $500

Elbow grease - free

Total - purchase price + $2000

Worst case scenario: Engines and transmissions are junk

Rebuilt Engine - 2x$3000

Rebuilt transmission - 2X$1500

Total - purchase price + $2000 + $9000

I think it’s a $15k-$20k boat in good running condition. What’s the most you’d pay for the boat oppo?


I’m honestly thinking I’ll make a sub $1000 offer and see. At that price I could part it out and get my money back at the very least.

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