Unnecessary Car Shopping with DaftRyosuke: I Know My Own Needs...

As some of you more keen-eyed viewers of Oppoship may know already, I am quite a fan of the Malaise-era of automobiles. For those who don’t know, the malaise era is best defined as the era of automaking that began in the 1970s around the era of the fuel-crisis, leading up until 1996 when OBDII became the standard for the market. These are the unloved, forgotten cars that are described by many as slow and underwhelming, especially by way of the American automobiles made by scandal-ridden GM, Ford, Chrysler, and AMC.

And do I love them, there’s just something so ultra cool about this era of cars. Maybe I’m just taking pity on them? I do know there’s a colossal fandom of this era of automaking, so I’m not alone. However, there are some cars that fit this definition more than others, and I think that my feature for the first episode of Unnecessary Car Shopping with DaftRyosuke is definitely one of them


The Chrysler Cordoba is a car that was a direct result of the oil crisis, it’s a car built purely for this era, and no other. Chrysler took notice of the struggles of the American market, and immediately set out to create a car that was smaller than their usual lineup, while still retaining the luxury that many buyers had come to expect from Chrysler. So, they ended up building a seventeen-feet long personal luxury coupe, and they promoted this beautiful naivety with the commercial.

Ahhhhh...the Khan references are endless.

So, now, 40 years on, if you weren’t already sold by Ricardo Montalban’s deep, sultry voice, or the prospect of such opulence that makes a contemporary Mercedes shudder in comparison, then let me bring you the real kicker here...these things are cheap as hell.

Right now, you can pick up that gorgeous deep blue 1977 Cordoba, fitted with all the rich, Corinthian leather you could ask for, for only $5k. It’s located in Illinois here, just waiting for someone to pick it up.


Buy why am I pressing this on you fine Oppo-denizens? Well, I just want it, plain and simple. I don’t need it, it’s probably not the most reliable thing in the world, but I would love a project car to work on and something to show off at shows and such. I was recently looking down my favorite Malaise-centric Facebook group, which held a “Malaise Daze” car show in California, and I’ve got to say, I’ve been bitten by the bug. I don’t usually go for Chryslers, but everything about the Cordoba ticks my boxes...and who can really argue with Khan?


And if $5k is a bit steep, you can pick one up for less, including this example near me, which needs a little TLC for only $3k.

Will I buy it now, probably not. But I could see myself wafting down the roadways in this fine machine one day.

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