As I mentioned here before I’m looking at getting a bigger vehicle. I’ve been checking out autotrader and spotted something I might consider.

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A 2017 Outback with 30k miles. It seems to be pretty heavily optioned. My wife and her family have bought 7 or 8 vehicles from this dealership and always had a good experience.


Heck, when we took my wife’s last Subaru there for recall work they let me drive the BRAT they keep on display around the back lot and I was allowed to sit in the 360 on the sales floor while we waited.

A question though. Does anyone have experience with the eyesight feature? How intrusive is it? Did you feel it worked well when used as adaptive cruise control? Does the lane keep warning and emergency braking work well, or is it just a nuisance that gets immediately shut off? They have a few other options without this package, but this one also has heated seats which I miss in my current car.

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