Details are slim right now, but someone did what I was too scared to do and took the plunge on this diesel. I think they saw my hat tip on the smart forums. They are local to WI, so maybe I’ll help the new owner fix the rust and maybe hopefully get to drive it!

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My favourite E90M3 series has...sort of become my own thing as of late. With Spring coming around, I’ve been accidentally running into smart cabrio after smart cabrio after smart cabrio. Tonight, I have a wild specimen for Oppo!

While not a cabrio, these are exceedingly rare. In fact, I can count on a little more than 1 hand how many of these I’ve run across.

This is a smart diesel brought in from Canada.


There were just a couple official diesels imported into America by now-defunct importers. The rest of these specimens are from Canada. Getting a Canadian cdi smart legalized is nearly as hard as getting a roadster legalized (ie: almost impossible), yet here it is.

This particular model is very Canadian, with “hips” added onto the rear end that contain reflectors and side marker lights. It also has Canadian spec rear taillights too. US federalized versions only have a single reverse light.


On the side here sits the lone modification I could find, a S-Mann intake tube.

The interior further suggests its Canadian-ness with a complete lack of padding on the A-Pillars. This one does appear to have power mirrors, which Chelsea does not have.


I’m not sure why the passenger side carpet is rolled up. I can only guess that this car has been sitting long enough for it to require a jump.

Now, here are where things make me think that the price is just a little bit too much for me.


That door handle would not be a fun job to replace...and that’s assuming the door still even works. This also makes me question if the window regulators work. Those are usually the first things to break in these old smarts.


This car is also a winter car. There shouldn’t be rust developing around the taillights like that. At least on Chelsea, her rust spots were from obvious rock strikes. These rust spots are most likely salt eating through the protective wax layer.

This likely also means that there are possibly very nasty rust spots (if not rusted-through holes) under the wheel liners in the wheel wells. Though, all of these would be easy for me to fix.

Diesel smarts are only worth about $7k in great condition and low miles. They are rare, but nobody really cares about them, so they aren’t appreciating in value further than the small premium these cars carry over simply existing in the USA and being a car that technically shouldn’t exist here.


With 90k miles, some visible rust, unknown rust, and a broken door? I’d probably pay like $3k-$4k.

I’m too afraid to ask the guy if he’d take that much off his asking price!


In case of Kinja.