Every once in a while a smart roadster or smart crossblade crosses an auction block or is for sale at a specialty car dealership in the USA. This pristine smart roadster comes from Craigslist.


This car has been hanging around NY CL since December. With an asking price about $27k, this would be best for something like Bring A Trailer. When sold through better channels, pristine and extremely low mileage smart roadsters pull in about the asking price and crossblades usually pull $30-$45k

At least one owner of this roadster swapped out the smart badging for MB badging, which is...unfortunate


I’m not surprised that it has a Florida title. Florida is one of those states where they’ll give a title to just about anything. However, the existence of a title means that this car can be registered to drive in some states. Just, make sure the feds never find out that you’re driving this on the streets.


Can I borrow $27k from someone? <3 I promise to pay it back!

In case of Kinja, here’s the ad!

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